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Hiddy Hoh Hoh! I'm Angie a female fishing and hunting guide born and bred in the Northwest. I've been a professional guide since 2001, I know that's not as long as some guides but then, I couldn't leave my babies to fend for themselves. Plus, being a college grad and not a stupid redneck it really doesn't take that long to figure things out. Especially with all the awesome mentors I've had over the years. I'm currently not guiding right now due to ignoring my 30 acre farm located in Buckley, Washington. Sometimes a girl has to paint her barn, tend her blue berry monster patch and mend fences. It's not like my rich rocket scientist husband has time to do it. I mean, I made him buy me a farm located on the edge of the wilderness with nothing but 40,000 acres between my home and Mt Rainier. Which makes me an expert on elk, bear, cougars, ducks and coyotes. When you live on the edge of the wilderness everything tries to eat you. Literally!

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